Kirklands Care Group

About Us

At Kirklands Care Group we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live a healthy, active and fulfilling life, regardless of their age or abilities. We believe that those who choose to live with us should have the freedom to make decisions about their own care, and so we work with the service user and their relatives to create a person centred care plan. This plan is based on the needs of the individual and is regularly reviewed by our experienced team, and all parties involved.

We believe that every individual deserves dignity, choice and independence, and as well as learning each person’s likes and dislikes through the creation of their care plan, we like to set care goals to encourage this.

Our ethos is to create a warm, loving and homely environment for the service user, and to assure their relatives and friends that their loved ones are in a great home. We like to actively engage within the local community, and encourage service users to keep up community links, and welcome visits from family and friends.

At each home we believe that activities form a large part of a service users life, and are always looking for a diverse and wide ranging set of activities our residents can take part in. We believe this goes a long way to leading a healthy and fulfilling life. We plan activities from a weekly to monthly basis, taking into account any special anniversaries, dates, and birthdays in the year.

These are some of the reasons why at Kirklands Care Group we like to say…Our Home Is Your Home.